Enough! How Much is Enough? SPECIAL PODCAST EPISODE

November 2nd, 2020

Enough! How much is enough?

Our economic measure is no longer fit for purpose. GDP measures everything except what makes life meaningful. We need to question for unlimited growth model we are current following as it is a path to ecological and economic disaster.

Have we lost our connection with nature? How can we find a new path to progress working with nature rather than against nature. A path that treats people as if they mattered.

This is the first part of chapter 11 from my my book Millennial Money Mindset: If you want the fruits you need the roots. It was a chapter I was almost too scared to publish

It is the final episode for season 3 of the Millennial Money Mindset podcast

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Is Good business Good Business? Investing For A Better World

October 27th, 2020

Is good business good business?
In today's episode, we discuss what is a business and does a company have a social responsibility?
Do ethical companies perform better? We look at the evidence from a Harvard University study on shared and social value 
We are joined by Richard Burrett, Chief Sustainability Officer at Earth Capital and Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership for the second time to discuss this relevant topic.  
We reveal how the listener at home can spend the money in their wallet in a more sustainable way? 
What practical steps can someone listening make to improve the environment and the impact they have with the money they spend, save or invest.
'The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be'
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Is the Secret to Successful Trading Found In Nature?

October 19th, 2020

Is the code to successful trading found in patterns of nature?

We explore a 13th-century Italian mathematician who proposed that the patterns of humans could be predicted by nature. How this can help your trading today?

In this episode, we are joined by for the second time by Trade the Easy Way owner Mike Hamilton.

We discuss how you can manage your risk when trading.

We look at the evidence at the percentage of successful day traders. Do most day traders actually lose money and how you can you increase your own chances of success?

We also talk about money mindset when trading

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Is Investing like Football and Trading like Rugby?

October 12th, 2020

Why is there Differences between Investing and Trading?

Investing and Trading and how can you benefit from the two?

Is Investing like football and trading like Rugby? In this episode Millennial Money Mindset is joined by Mike Hamilton from Trade The Easy Way. 

We discover why it is so important to manage both your money and your risk, what the main differences between the two strategies are and how the listener at home can take advantage of each strategy.

We reveal why technology today has made it more easy than ever to start either trading or investing.

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Is Martin Lewis Teaching The Wrong Thing about Money?

October 5th, 2020

Is 'The Money Saving Expert' wrong about Credit Cards?

Credit cards charge insane interest rates, causing people to get into spiralling debts, making it easy to overspend and making purchases seem less real.

The dangers of credit cards are well known, they encourage us to spend more by offering us points, which may increase us getting caught up in the debt spiral.

In this episode Money Tipps questions Martin Lewis encouragement of credit cards and asks is it right to promote and profit from something so damaging to our long term wealth?

We also discuss the FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) movement and we discuss Black Lives Matter.

This is the second of two episodes where Andy Webb from 'Be Clever With Your Cash' joins us to discuss money.

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The 3 Little Pension Pigs and Starting your Own Business Band

September 28th, 2020

We are joined by Andy Webb from the Money Blog 'Be Clever With Your Cash'. 

In this episode we explain pensions through the Three Little Pig analogy and how starting your own business is like starting your own music band.


Andy is an award-winning money blogger who was also on Channel 5s Shop Smart Save Money.

We find out how Andy took his passion for bargain hunting and saving money into a full-time business.

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Millennials, Money and the Moneyed App

September 21st, 2020

Entrepreneurship, building resilience in business and how would you spend your last day?

In this week's podcast, we speak with Sam Short from Moneyed App.

We talk about her experience as a woman in tech and her entrepreneur journey starting an app company and we find out Sam's favourite flavour of crisps.

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How to Be Environmentally Mindful with Our Spending

September 14th, 2020

We face an environmental crisis today.

How can our every day spending help fight the battle with climate change?

We are joined for the second podcast episode by Laura from Thrifty Londoner. We discuss fast fashion and how our everyday spending can cause problems in the environment

There are simple solutions by changing habits to help the environment. Find out more thrifty tips in this podcast

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How to Be Thrifty Living in London (or any City). Thrifty Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Save You Money

September 7th, 2020

Thrifty Spending Tips, Tricks and Hacks to save you Money living in a big City like London.

In this week's podcast episode we are joined by Laura from Thrifty Londoner.

Laura shares her best secrets on saving money, making your money last longer and living a happier life with less stress and worries.


We discuss how Millennials have so much opportunities today and how to change your mindset around money.

Listen today to save more money in your pocket, save time in your day and less stress in your life

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5 Money Tips for Parents. How to Teach Your Kids to Have Investing Superpowers

September 1st, 2020

5 Money Tips for Parents to teach their kids better investing.

This episode we are joined by Will Rainey from Bluetree Money blog. Will gives us his five best money tips for parents to turn kids into investing superheroes.

Why is it so important for kids to understand about money and investing? What simple strategies can parents use (or anyone) to be better with money?

Planting investment seeds today can creates money forests in the future.

Listen to Millennial Money Mindset podcast today. If you want the fruits you need the roots



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